Road Transport

All the roads go through CF Transport

CF Transport in its element with road transport. With around 500 employees in CF Transport and our 4 subsidiaries, as well as a huge fleet of vehicles, expert knowledge and cost-efficient solutions , we will provide you with the optimal solutions for transporting your goods in the entire Europe, Asia and other countries as well.

Regardless of whether you have a single shipment request for us, or general cargo with partial loads; whether it is a short-distance delivery or a full service import/export across different borders: we will offer you a personalized logistics solution.

We are particularly well connected and have valuable experience in organizing shipments from any part of Europe to Turkey, as well as to CIS countries and the Middle East. Furthermore, with 11 company locations in Austria we can ensure you get an ideal local transport solution.

Upon request, we also combine road routes with other means of transport offered in our high-performing intermodal solutions.

Intermodal Transport

Smart solutions combined to your advantage

Many transport options that include only road, rail or sea transport cannot deliver shipments to the exact destination and are not very cost efficient. Because we care about our customers and want to provide you with the solution with which you will be most content and which optimize your costs for every shipment, we will offer you the best combination of  different transport links that suits your transport needs perfectly.


We understand the importance of carefully thought-out combination of streets, rails and waterway. So, we will bring your shipment over roads and water. In particular, our 45‘ HQ PW Container is the most convenient and cost-efficient solution: it remains the same even when the means of transportation are being changed – they are just moved from one vehicle to another, but your goods safely remain inside of the container throughout the whole delivery process. This makes reloading much simpler and less costly!

A new side street – cheaper than air freight, faster than maritime transport

China’s extensive investment in developing of rail network makes the rail transport between Europe and China very attractive. Now you can profit from this environmentally-friendly solution by reducing shipping time and minimizing your costs, with the help of CF Transport.

Ask us what the optimal shipment strategy for your goods would be!

Sea Freight

We safely bring your transport goods to the dry land

CF Transport team feels at home at all the seas worldwide. Our impeccable full service with numerous additional services, such as customs clearance, storage, order picking and distribution will earn your trust right from the beginning.

We will bring your transport goods from any storage to any internationally approved harbor on the planet. We can plan an intermodal solution for you as well upon request. And you? You will profit from our countless support bases, our many years of experience, as well as our worldwide connections with prestigious and reliable international shipping routes.

We will bring your transport goods safely across all waters and are looking forward to your request.

Air freight

The quickest way around the globe

We transport everything that has to be at the delivery point as fast as possible with our optimized air freight solutions, tailored to your transport needs. Years of experience, as well as our close contact to a number of prestigious airlines, enable us to offer our clients the most cost-efficient transport solutions and a smooth realization of all shipment plans.

Our wide range of services will make it easy for you to ship the goods via plane: we will take care of all the import and export customs procedures for you.

Depending on the type of the transport good and individuals requests, we offer our advice on what we believe is the best solution, focused on meeting all the requirements of our clients.

What can we do for you on the plane? We are looking forward to your request.


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